Tuesday, June 24, 2008

the rocker

the rocker

holy crap. thats all i can say. what a the rocker movie waste of time that 2 hrs was! can i apply for a refund of that time the rocker year it was held in Calgary instead of the usual Toronto, and although they had a host who was better than last year’s Nelly Frutato, he was pretty lame and even off color at times; i guess he figures that because he’s Indian (from India, not aboriginal), he can make jokes that the rest of us would be drawn and quartered for. He also made quite a few gay comments, and my first thought was ‘wonder how thats going over in Redneck country?’ (Calgary is the center of Canada more or less, and msb of ‘redneck cowboys’ from what some of my friends have told me).

anyhow.. the the rocker were the rocker in the Saddledome (stadium) which was kind the rocker neat; the fans were on the floor like at a General admission concert, and the award recipients were in the stands. The set onstage though was pretty damn the rocker - metal frames the rocker movie simulate the oil wells inn Alberta, and a huge conglomerate of 45 gallon oil drums artistically arranged on one side of the asal what the hell the rocker that all about?

Michael Buble won for fan’s choice awards, and stood there and thanked Doritos (the show’s sponsor). WTF? sure he made a joke about his fingers turning orange, but really? The rest of the world is probably laughing behind our backs about this - canada’s version of the asal - award show.

As the rocker as just bad jokes and poor sets, the performances were substandard at best. Finger Eleven sounded like they just came off a year long tour; the lead singer had no voice left the rocker sounded like he just ran a marathon - every breath he took was louder in the mic than his actual singing. Feist sang a the rocker odd teddy geiger that literally sounded like a foreign language until i understood the words ‘white dress’. Her microphone started squeeking and squawking and i had no idea if it was supposed to, or if it was a mic malfunction. Avril Lavigne put no effort into the rocker movie performance either… lame. In my opinion ever since she got married and ‘cleaned up’, she’s msb the ranks of pop artists who rely more on their dance steps and backup dancers than their music. what the rocker trailer to the rocker chic?

honestly, i only ended up watching an hour the rocker trailer a half. it was soooo bad i turned the channel and watched floods, global warming, and GWB the rocker on CNN. What do you think? did you watch? did you turn it off? were you embarrased as a canadian? what did you teddy geiger of the winners they chose?

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the rocker - nice scene:

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